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Walloch Law understands that Immigration Law is complex and can be very stressful. The firm knows what is at stake for you and your family. Walloch Law would love to help you with your immigration matter. Contact Walloch Law today. 


Walloch Law PLC

Today’s business environment is lightning-paced, including ever-changing economic and regulatory policies for growing businesses. It is imperative to have a legal advisor that serves as a knowledgeable and efficient to overcome the obstacles in the modern world.  Trust Walloch Law to provide you with comprehensive legal counsel for your starting and scaling businesses.

Walloch Law business law services include the following:

Contract Drafting

Walloch Law provides assistance with the formation and structuring of various business entities and support any contractual matters within the organization. Leverage Walloch Law’s knowledge and experience to efficiently draft contracts that not only help grow your business but provide security against the uncertain.

Contract Review

It’s crucial for the well-being of your business that all contracts ensure protection for your growth, sustainability, and future. Walloch Law provides contract review services that ensure a comprehensive understanding of the action for executives, investors, directors, and all key decision-makers. Take solace in more visibility for business risk.

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiation plays a vital role in spearheading results for your business. The lack of legal expertise in the negotiation stage poses a risk to both parties, potentially leading to adversity for your organization. Let Walloch Law take the reins on your contract negotiations, ensuring that the result gears towards your expected outcome.

Policy and Procedures

Walloch Law drafts policy and procedure manuals for businesses and inspection surveys for medical facilities in the state of Arizona. The firm prepares documentation that mitigates risk for your organization, taking your current and future operations into account. It is important to keep your business protected as it grows.

Business Compliance Advisement

The regulatory environment of the modern-day trends to have increasing complexities. Walloch Law offers a limited capacity to help starting businesses ensure they fall within operational regulations. The firm provides legal documents that allow your organization to grow and reduce your risks.

Business Filings

Starting a business means there are many financial and operational aspects to consider. The legal side of starting a business can prove to be one of the most challenging stages of the process when trying to tackle the obstacles alone. Filing for company registration in particular often feels like a hurdle against getting your business started.

The firm can help get your company registered in the state of Arizona fast and efficiently, so you can focus on the more significant tasks at hand. I will cover your business filings for corporations, non-profit organizations, and LLCs. Get your business moving and operate in confidence with my dedicated filing service.

Please note that the firm does not offer legal advisement on tax law. Those seeking to advise on tax matters must refer to a legal expert on these specialized business matters.


Walloch Law PLC

It’s never been a more exciting time to start a business. However, the growing number of regulations, legal matters, and policies around start-up businesses create a complex labyrinth to navigate to success. Walloch Law helps get a start-up abiding by legal expectations. Let Walloch Law provide quality legal services to ensure your start-up mitigates risk and minimize the cost of any poor decisions.

Walloch Law comprehensive start-up legal services include:


Walloch Law will assist in registering your new business as a correct legal entity in parallel with your organizational expectations. The firm will liaise with your decision-makers to ensure understanding of the legal implications and requirements of filing your business. Let Walloch Law initial filings service start your business on the right legal footing.


Having all your legal documentation correct and aligned to regulatory requirements can save start-up businesses from many potential issues in the future. Let Walloch Law help you make sure your organization has the correct and updated documentation to secure your planned growth.


One of the most crucial elements to starting a business is protecting owners, investors, and directors from risks. Let Walloch Law help you with this. 


Walloch Law PLC

One of the most significant assets in a growing business is a trademark. Often, many entrepreneurs and critical business personnel will ignore the importance of the brand on their organization, which can present vital challenges in the future. Walloch Law is here to help you submit the application on your behalf so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

Walloch Law trademark and trade law services include:


Trademarks can serve as the heart and soul of your brand, and that’s why it’s vital to have them. Let Walloch Law file for your trademark, including all necessary information and documentation, so that your future competitive edge gets protected.  Correct filings mitigate risks and potential opposition.


Walloch Law understands that starting and growing a business keeps you occupied. Walloch Law can assist with responding to the USPTO decisions on your business’ trademark applications so you can continue with running operations. Should there be any issues with the application, Walloch Law will be able to assist every step of the way.

Please note Walloch Law cannot represent clients at an appeal board at this time. The law firm’s services are limited too assisting with the application and response.


Sometimes organizations need a helping hand in navigating through the complexities of trademarks and trade services. Walloch Law can provide legal advice for both matters.